How to Buy VeeFriends

Sebastian Parker
Sebastian Parker
Last Updated on September 20, 2021

If you’ve been trying to buy a VeeFriend on their popular website, the chances are you’ve been out of luck. Fortunately, Gary Vaynerchuk has shared some advice on how to purchase VeeFriends in his lucrative NFT project.

What Are VeeFriends?

Gary Vaynerchuk drew a collection of characters with alliterative names. These little guys all match up with positive qualities that Gary saw in himself and his friends. 

Along with being unique pop art pieces, VeeFriends are NFT – non-fungible tokens for sale online. Like other NFT artwork, anyone who wants to own a VeeFriend must use cryptocurrency blockchain and have a place to store the unique intellectual property. 

GaryVee drew 268 VeeFriends and offered 10255 tokens for them. Through his drawings, he created a community that values his creativity. 

The artist considers the drawings to be on the same level as the characters in epic tales like Harry Potter and Star Wars, as he plans several cultural events around them. Vaynerchuk expects to show off his characters in video games, merch, and television shows. 

How to Buy VeeFriends

Vaynerchuk plans to auction his VeeFriends NFT using the Dutch Auction method. During this time, bidders use the Ethereum cryptocurrency to purchase tokens. 

Buyers use the tokens to bid on the VeeFriends. Before attempting to get into the VeeFriends community, consider following the step-by-step process of buying cryptocurrency and token holders. 

During a Dutch Auction, the price decreases until someone purchases the item. With the Ethereum tokens, the auction starts at 2.5 ETH with a low floor price of 0.5 ETH. The first VeeFriends sold for over USD 200,000. 

Buy ETH Through Coinbase

The first step in buying VeeFriends is to buy Ethereum (ETH) because it is connected to NFTs. Before you buy any cryptocurrency, consider what you can afford. Cryptocurrency, including ETH, is volatile and unpredictable. Make sure you do not buy more than you can lose because the price can change several times throughout the day. 

Before you can start buying anything with ETH, you need a wallet. To make life easier, Vaynerchuk recommends using a MetaMask wallet. This type of crypto wallet is technically a browser plugin that safely stores your Ethereum. 

Suppose you are looking for a safe place to buy ETH and build an NFT collection with smart contract systems. Consider Coinbase. Remember that Coinbase moves slowly, so you might have to wait several days before your Ethereum purchase ends up in your account. 

Create a web3 Wallet Using MetaMask

To hold your ETH, your MetaMask wallet will become a web3 wallet. This wallet includes a private key to protect your data and prove that you own the crypto inside of it. The MetaMask extension or add-on gives you an individual public address for your Ethereum blockchain currency, so you can start trading tokens or ETH on the web. 

What separates MetaMask from other wallets is that it creates a web3 Javascript tag in the websites you frequent. By doing this, MetaMask can interact with the website allowing you to make trades for NFTs and other desirable items. 

Transfer ETH to Your MetaMask

After you’ve set up your MetaMask wallet and purchased ETH, you can move the cryptocurrency into your wallet. Here’s how: 

  • The first step is finding your unique IP address, including the letters 0x and a string of numbers. 
  • Copy the number. 
  • If you’ve purchased your ETH from Coinbase, find your portfolio on the app. 
  • Select “Ethereum” and “ETH wallet.” 
  • Click on the small right-pointing arrow and choose a small amount of ETH to send into your wallet. You want to test with a small amount to be sure everything works as it should. 
  • Find the “To” bar and paste your IP address into it. Then, preview the send. 
  • If all looks good, send the ETH to your wallet. 

You’ve now successfully transferred your ETH to MetaMask. 

Connect Your MetaMask to OpenSea

The only place to buy VeeFriends is on OpenSea, but you must connect your wallet before you can purchase any NFTs on the site. Once you get to OpenSea, you’ll notice various VeeFriends and other NFTs for sale. You can inspect the value, the average price, and historic transaction. 

If you try to buy VeeFriends somewhere other than OpenSea, you might be tricked by a scammer. Vaynerchuk only sells his art on OpenSea. Never buy an NFT from anyone claiming to be GaryVee on social media. You can learn more about them on GaryVee’s VeeFriends Discord. 

Before you connect your wallet to OpenSea, sign in to your MetaMask wallet. Then create an account and connect your wallet. You’ll see a wallet symbol in the upper-right corner. The widget gives you the option to connect your MetaMask, making the entire process about as easy as it can get. 

Then, start shopping for your favorite VeeFriends from Vaynermedia!

Find the Collection on OpenSea

The quickest way to find the VeeFriends collection is to use the search bar. Once you search for VeeFriends, OpenSea will load the available drawings with their prices and offers. Consider that the prices will drop unless someone snaps up the drawings before they reach the rock-bottom price. 

Buy NFTs

You can buy VeeFriends and other NFTs on OpenSea using the same process. After you find the NFT you want, you simply click “Buy Now.” The website will take you to the checkout, where it moves to your wallet. You give permission to make the transaction. OpenSea will ask for confirmation. 

Approve on MetaMask

Before you become the official owner, you have to approve the transaction in your MetaMask wallet. Once you do, the VeeFriends characters are all yours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about NFT and VeeFriends sales. 

Who owns the most VeeFriends?

While several people own VeeFriends, Gary Vaynerchuk has a personal collection he marked with GOO (Gary’s Original Ownership). He is not offering them for sale, but he lets interested people see them on the VeeFriends website

Why are VeeFriends so expensive?

VeeFriends have a high price tag because the unique artwork comes with utility tokens. Buyers not only get a VeeFriend, but they also get access tokens to his VeeCon for three years. Because Vaynerchuk is a respected entrepreneur, people appreciate learning directly from him at his conferences. 

Some buyers consider the admission tokens more valuable than the VeeFriends collectibles. Many in the Discord community rave about GaryVee’s brilliance in marketing and entrepreneurship. This wonderful community will do what it can to attend a superconference like VeeCon. 

How many VeeFriends are there?

Vaynerchuk offers 268 unique VeeFriends, but he also has more than 10,000 tokens that allow owners to attend his VeeCon convention for three years. All of the VeeFriends have alliterative names with attractive personality traits, like Gift Goat or Poised Pug. 

Who is GaryVee?

Gary Vaynerchuk runs VaynerX and VaynerMedia. He is an expert in entrepreneurship and marketing and got into the internet industry on the ground floor back in the 1990s. He made his first millions turning his father’s small liquor store into an e-commerce wine shop. 

His life changed in 2008 when he gave a speech about Web 2.0. This speech earned him a book deal with HarperCollins and cemented his name in social media and other popular internet companies like Uber, Venmo, and Facebook.