How Do I Sell an NFT privately?

Sebastian Parker
Sebastian Parker
Last Updated on October 25, 2021

When you make a private sale of non-fungible tokens, you might want to ensure that you can securely sell a gif or NFT to a specific buyer or friend at a special rate without risking someone else buying it quickly on the open market. There are some great options to sell digital art or gifs privately, which can be done through several platforms, including OpenSeaRarible, and SuperRare.

Sell NFTs from your website.

If you want to sell your non-fungible tokens privately, you can promote outside of NFT marketplaces and list your digital assets on your personal or business website. If you want to resell NFTs on the secondary market, you can pair your crypto wallet with the specific marketplace to sell.

Alternatively, you can also buy NFTs privately from a seller’s website or platform set at a fixed price. Whether you create and sell your own NFTs or make secondary sales for a digital artist, you’ll find the process of selling your non-fungible tokens privately as easy as clicking the “sell” button.


How to Sell NFTs privately on

Selling your first NFT privately is much like trading cards. It takes just a few steps to choose the NFT you wish to sell from your Opensea profile. Then, select the sell option from the top right-hand corner. If your non-fungible token is currently listed on NFT platforms, it will need to be removed or delisted before selling privately.

When you sell NFTs privately, you’ll effectively remove the digital art from the auction list and offer it for sale at a fixed price, similar to eBay. Selling NFT from a digital artist can be done directly through your Metamask wallet or a Coinbase wallet with Ethereum. In, you set the price of your NFT and select the privacy setting before posting.

After you list your NFT to sell, you’ll receive a prompt to sign in to your Metamask account and sign a transaction for the listing. This stage is where you confirm listing your NFT by clicking “sign.” Once this process is done, your NFT art is listed for sale at a fixed price.

Setting up a Cryptocurrency Wallet

It’s essential to set up and use a cryptocurrency wallet that contains ETH or Ether to purchase and sell in NFT marketplaces. When you list your price, whether you sell privately or on a platform for NFT sales, you’ll often find the trading price changes due to the volatility of digital currencies.

You’ll find some platforms that offer helpful tutorials on listing your digital assets privately, and you may notice some incentives or savings as a result.

The Benefits of Selling NFTs Privately

When you sell NFTs privately on, you’ll have the option of applying discounts to your non-fungible tokens, and you won’t have to pay the fees when you sell digital assets on this platform. The savings amount to approximately 12.5%, which benefits the artist and the seller, and especially makes an impact if you pay Ethereum blockchain gas fees.

If you have a popular website or following on social media, either through specific groups about digital art, video games, PNGs, and specific digital assets. Nifty Gateway is an excellent marketplace to showcase your NFTs securely before you click the “sell” button, and many platforms are compatible with Chrome and 


As non-fungible tokens increase in demand, you’ll find some buyers may prefer to shop on the private market to locate a specific GIF, PNG, or digital asset. They may also be willing to negotiate a higher price instead of bidding on an NFT platform, resulting in higher earnings.