Experts explain how music NFTs will enhance the connection between creators and fans

Sebastian Parker
Sebastian Parker
Last Updated on July 1, 2022

Mike Darlington, CEO of Monstercat, an online music platform, and Jake Udell founder of Metalink social NFT platform, say bear markets are a great place to brainstorm and create new products. This week’s episode NFTsteez was hosted by Cointelegraph analysts. Darlington, Udell and others agreed that the future is bright for crypto, especially music NFTs.

Darlington and Udell discussed the importance of finding projects that have “sustainable teams” and continue to grow despite current market conditions. They also encouraged investors to take advantage of the opportunities created during the peak of the bull market.

Darlington says that music NFTs are not yet a “trend”, but that they will in the next bullcycle. Comparatively, NFT profile pictures (PFP), are a “monster” of their own. However, music NFTs may see similar success as photography or art NFTs.

Music NFTs will be a benefit to communities and creators

Darlington advised creators who are interested in experimenting with NFTs for music that they first need to understand why they want to interact.

Darlington stated that some music NFTs are a way for musicians and artists to be more sustainable.

It’s not clear how sustainable this new environment will be for artists. However, there is one truth and commonality: creators aren’t “content with the existing model.” Darlington explains that while it is uncertain how sustainable it will be, there is an openness to changing the status quo. But that depends on “format and the form that music NFTs will arrive,” Darlington explains.

Is music NFTs a distinct genre?

Jake Udell, founder of Metalink, mentioned how engagement levels differ between paid and free platforms. Users prefer to engage with platforms they own. Udell says that users and creators who feel they have invested in the product are more likely “to play around with it more and be more likely make something of it,”

This dichotomy of users being invested and empowered to experiment allows for a more dynamic relationship between listener and artist. Instead of listening to music as a passive pastime, it is interesting. It doesn’t matter if users are interested in ownership or have it, but it does not really matter what the community is doing to increase the value of digital goods.

Udell says that the NFT space has received a lot of attention in the past year. This led to a “cult-like phenomenon.” Udell believes Web3 is a way for artists to reach out to and grow their audiences.

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